Already brushing with a power toothbrush and flossing daily, but still feel like you need something extra in your toolbelt?

The Waterpik water flosser might be the next step in your road to better oral health. I know what you might be thinking….. “If I use the Waterpik water flosser I can skip flossing. I’ll show up at my next preventative appointment and get an A+ on my homecare”. Not so fast…. Many people are looking for the magic rinse, the magic toothbrush or the magic gadget that takes the place of flossing and yet still gives the same results as flossing. From my experience as a dental hygienist, I like to keep the routine simple with effective mechanical removal of plaque (toothbrush and floss) and daily maintenance being the foundation.

However, sometimes it’s not enough and we need a little more help with those puffy bleeding gums and or accumulation of tartar. I usually reference one of my young patients (11year old male) and his battle with severe gingivitis during orthodontic treatment. His gum tissues were such an angry red, they were so inflamed they were actually touching the brackets of his braces, and they were bleeding to the slightest touch. He was brushing and trying to floss the best he could. If you have had braces you know how challenging it can be threading the floss around the wire. His mom was supportive when I suggested the Waterpik water flosser. When he returned in two weeks for observation, I couldn’t be more pleased with the appearance of his gum tissues. They were beautiful- firm, pink and pointy. My goodness, if this young man can use it effectively, anyone can. Another case, that reinforces the need to continue brushing and flossing while using the Waterpik water flosser, is a gentleman who decided he was giving up floss. It was his understanding that he didn’t have to do both. One or the other- he chose the Waterpik water flosser. At his appointment, it was my observation, he presents with less bleeding but more plaque between his teeth. That is unusual for him. He usually has less plaque and more bleeding. We agreed together, we were happy with less bleeding but he will put floss back into his routine. Feel free to visit their website -http://www.waterpik.com/oral-health/

Keep in mind, even thought the information on the Waterpik water flosser states it is an effective alternative to traditional string floss, from my personal experiences with patients, I’m going to continue to recommend it “in addition” to traditional string floss.

Happy Flossing!

Alamo Dentist Aminda Modrell

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